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Mar 18

A1 Phase II one bedroom apartment in Las Colinas

Living the lifestyle you have always wanted means more than being surrounded by endless comfort and features. Find all this and more when you live in the Lincoln Water’s Edge luxury apartment homes in Las Colinas Texas. Indulge your friends and enjoy yourselves with premiere luxury apartment and community amenities. Every great life needs the perfect stage, and you will have plenty of layouts and floor plans to choose from to have your best life ever. Come home today to the one bedroom apartment in Las Colinas you have always been looking for. Live well today!

Perfect Space

Your new lifestyle begins when you choose the A1 Phase II 1 bed/1bath. This 732 sq.ft. masterpiece is perfect for launching the life you have always wanted. As soon as you walk in, you are warmly welcomed by your gourmet kitchen. Here you will find all the things you need to indulge every cooking adventure you can imagine. Your kitchen also features a unique chef’s table inside the kitchen so your guests never have to be far from the action of your cooking. Your kitchen flows effortlessly into a comfortable dining and living area that is perfect for hosting. Have all your friends over for the next party, or just spend the next long weekend relaxing on your comfy couch. If you like your relaxation with fresh air, you can always relax on your private balcony. Your kitchen area feeds a small hallway that leads to your walk through bathroom leading to an oversized walk in closet, and your sanctuary bedroom. Your bedroom has all the peace and quiet you need.

Find your perfect space when you choose the A1 Phase II one bedroom apartment in Las Colinas when you live in the Lincoln Water’s Edge luxury apartment homes in Las Colinas Texas.


Mar 18

The Dallas Museum of Art near Lincoln Water’s Edge

Before there was written language to say how we felt without speaking a word, there’s was art. We sculpted figures out of the earth, scrawled sketches on cavern walls and mixed paints onto canvas, molded metals and stones into jewelry, and turned water and clay into pottery at the very beginning of human history, and it continues to be a common staple today. At Lincoln Water’s Edge, our amazing location gives you access to the best art galleries and museums in Dallas, so you’re never far away from an amazing sight.

The Dallas Museum of Art is the biggest museum in the region, with over 5,000 years’ worth of art from the around the globe in one building. It’s located no more than fifteen miles away from our luxury apartments in Las Colinas, so you can drive straight to the parking lot in under half an hour during light traffic hours. Their permanent collection features more than 24,000 works of art, so it’s almost impossible to see them all in one day. Explore the ancient artworks of the tribes of the Americas, from modern Native American conversationalists to old Mayan masterpieces; the oil paintings of the European Renaissance; contemporary artworks from famous artists like Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso; and so much more. Special events, from the ever-exciting Late Nights every third Friday of the month, to monthly art classes, to guided tours and live performances help spice up your visits. Best of all, attendance to the permanent collection is always free, so it’s perfect for groups of any size and budget.

Venture through the colorful history of humanity right from home at Lincoln Water’s Edge. Browse through our splendid luxury apartments in Las Colinas today, and then make a trip to the Dallas Museum of Art for a fun, cultured experience.


Feb 18

Las Colinas Luxury Apartments for Stress Relief

There’s one universal thing that everyone in the whole world can agree with: stress is terrible. Too much of it weighs you down, makes you tired and more prone to nasty diseases, leaves you sore and achy, and overall ruins your otherwise good mood. Thankfully, our beautiful Las Colinas luxury apartments at Lincoln Water’s Edge have the perfect method for relieving your stress, by offering amazing homes and amenities to ensure you can wind down and relax at any time of day.

For starters, nothing quite rouses the spirits like a warm, soothing cup of tea or coffee, or indulging in the occasional snack or sweet treat from the pantry. Our contemporary style kitchens are perfect for cooks at any skill level, with features like custom 42” cabinets – tall enough to store your biggest pots and pans, a modern stainless-steel appliance package to cook all your meals to utter perfection, and sleek granite or quartz countertops with glass tile backsplash and hardwood-style flooring for added versatility and style. Fill up the large soaking tub in the spa-inspired bathroom and bathe away your aches and worries, or try out the separate stand-in glass shower and let hot water cascade over your head, rinsing off your troubles. Take a cool beverage and sit out on the private balcony or patio to admire the amazing lakeside and golf course views. Finally, keep your home clutter free and clean with ease thanks to the expansive walk-in closets with wooden shelving in every bedroom, along with the extra patio storage to put away moving boxes and seasonal décor.

Fend off stress right at your front door here at Lincoln Water’s Edge. Take a tour of our Las Colinas luxury apartments and immersive amenities today.


Feb 18

An Awesome Three-Bedroom Apartment in Las Colinas

An extra room goes a long way for many people: it gives you a guest room to house your family and friends from out of town, a way to invite a roommate to help split the bills and errands, an office to crack down on big projects right from the comfort of home, or even a hobby room where you keep your fondest collections and activities in one spot. Whatever you want that space for, we have it here at Lincoln Water’s Edge.

Our three-bedroom apartment in Las Colinas floor plans, the C1G Phase II, gives you double the chances to express yourself, ample living space, and an attached garage so your ride can have a home, too. Its impressive 1,333 square feet of living area makes it easy for up to four people to live in comfort and privacy. All three bedrooms can fit plush king-sized beds, so everyone in your party can catch up on much needed sleep. The master and first guest bedrooms also feature expansive walk-in closets, perfect for organizing your outfits however you please, while the second guest bedroom has a convenient sliding door closet. Wash away your worries in the two deluxe bathrooms, one connected right to the master bedroom, the other right next to the two guest bedrooms, shedding your strict bathing schedules away. Gather together and have a blast in the gigantic living space, where you can fit your favorite comfy couch, your TV set and entertainment center, and even a nice dining table right by the open concept kitchen. Finally, lounge out and enjoy the beautiful views of downtown Dallas right from the private balcony.

Expand your space and your happiness at Lincoln Water’s Edge. Check out our Phase II luxury three-bedroom apartments in Las Colinas, including the three-bedroom C1G, today.


Feb 18

Local Flavor: Moe’s Southwest Grill

When you are looking for the peak in luxury and comfort in your next home, look no farther than the Lincoln Water’s Edge luxury apartment homes in Las Colinas Texas. Complete with the luxury apartment and community features designed for your personal enjoyment, with plenty to share, you can spend hours relaxing in your new community. Choose from any number of expertly designed layout and floorplans to complete your vision of what living well really means to you. Your new neighborhood is also filled with the entertainment and dining choices you need to have a fun evening out with friends and enjoy a sense of community in places like Moe’s Southwest Grill!

More than you can imagine at Moe’s

Food with a southwestern flavor isn’t all you will find at the world famous Moe’s Southwest Grill. This restaurant boasts a clever menu and colorful history, all just steps from your door. In their own words “But who is Moe? Is he some random guy with a magical recipe for killer southwestern food? Nah, although that does sound like a cool dude. Moe’s actually stands for Musicians Outlaws and Entertainers, which is why music is more than background noise to us. And we’re not just talking about some trendy song or band. We’re all about the pioneers. The ones who made more than music; they made memories. Our hand-selected playlist is filled with the amazing artists who left this world too early since these legends changed the musical landscape and continue to inspire guitar slingers, lyrical poets and a new generation of pioneers… Wondering where the Outlaw comes in to play? Well, we’re not corporate, stodgy or pretentious like the others. In fact, we celebrate originality, starting with our guests who can create whatever they’re craving with our 20+ fresh ingredients. And this creative spirit carries through everything we do.” Delicious.

Find the perfect companion to luxury and comfort when you dine at Moe’s Southwest Grill just steps from your door at the Lincoln Water’s Edge luxury apartment homes in Las Colinas Texas.

Jan 18

Las Colinas Apartments with Great Luxury

When you are ready for a lifestyle at the next level, you are ready for life at the Lincoln Water’s Edge luxury apartment homes in Las Colinas Texas. You can select from a number of designer layouts and floor plans to find the perfect space for the life you want to live. You will always find plenty of features to indulge in and share, as you have a suite of premiere luxury apartment and community amenities to enjoy. As always, your Las Colinas apartments in this fine neighborhood is always open to new attractions, restaurants, and entertainment perfect for you and your friends to indulge in.

All you ever wanted

Life at the Lincoln Water’s Edge always offers plenty to love and plenty to share. Invite your friends over and let them indulge in some of the premiere community amenities you can only find here. Spend some time lounging in the clubhouse featuring ample and comfortable seating around a welcoming fireplace. If you need a beverage before you can get to serious lounging, then take advantage of either of the two gourmet coffee bars. Although the weather this time of year may be too cool to swim a few laps in either of the stunning swimming pools featuring lake views, you can still find a sunny day in Texas any time of year. Have everyone over for an afternoon for a demonstration of your culinary searing and grilling skills when you host in one of the grilling stations. Here you will find the perfect grill to get your barbecue made to perfection. Each grilling station features a fantastic view of the sparkling pools that are beautiful even if you aren’t going for a swim.

Find the level of luxury you want in a perfect Las Colinas apartment when you live in the Lincoln Water’s Edge luxury apartment homes in Las Colinas Texas.


Jan 18

The Best Apartment in Las Colinas for You!

Find the luxury you crave when discovering your new home at the Alexan Las Colinas luxury apartment in Las Colinas Texas apartment community. Treat your friends to amazing community and apartment amenities and share a taste of the good life. Choose from among any number of innovative layouts and spacious floor plans to live the life you have dreamed of. Enjoy your new vibrant neighborhood that is waiting to be discovered. You are finally where you belong.

Luxury you have dreamed of

Enjoying the beauty and convenience of luxury is part of your new lifestyle. And where best to benefit from this than where you may spend most of your time. For many, cooking is just another chore on the list to be done with as soon as possible. But what if you could work in a kitchen that actually made you want to spend as much time there as possible? Your new gourmet kitchen is just the place. You will want to perfect your mastery of cooking here. Enjoy the ease of 42” kitchen cabinetry and have a place for everything from a food processor to the smallest saucer. Delight in the convenience and beauty of your granite or quartz countertops – your ingredients will look great here. Your countertops have the added feature of being framed by a perfect glass tile backsplash for that special touch. The cleanup will be a breeze with your new GE stainless steel appliance package, so feel free to let your culinary imagination soar. When you are finished in the kitchen it is time to relax. So follow your hardwood-style floor to your private balcony and soak in deep views of the gorgeous lake or manicured golf course, or just take in some air.

Find the luxury you crave when you live in the Alexan Las Colinas apartment in Las Colinas Texas apartment community.


Jan 18

A One Bedroom Apartment Home at Lincoln Water’s Edge

It’s your turn to discover the deep and personal happiness that only the perfect home can bring. Begin your journey into pure joy when you live in the Lincoln Water’s Edge luxury apartment homes in Las Colinas Texas. Treat yourself and your friends to the one bedroom apartment and community amenities that make your new space more than just a home. Here you can always find something to love and something to share that is perfect for any occasion. Indulge your sense of adventure and pure personal comfort when you select among the finest layouts and floorplans modern design can offer. Find your perfect home and begin your journey into the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

Paradise found

You have finally found the layout and floorplan you need when you choose the A4 Phase 2 – 1 bed/1 bath. Discover the ease of luxury and personal comfort all within the welcoming embrace of this 898 sq. ft. masterpiece. As soon as you walk in, you find your new home is perfect for any adventure you can imagine. Your entryway leads you into a chef’s paradise. Indulge in your new gourmet kitchen and let your wildest culinary dreams come true. Whether you are cooking for two or twenty, you will find everything you need to give everyone an experience they will remember for a long time. Your gourmet kitchen flows effortlessly into your dining and living spaces. Feel free to host the next large gathering as your layout offers plenty of space with a flow that never leaves you cut off from the party. But if you do need a little quiet space during the next party, you can always retire to your private balcony. Here you can sit and enjoy the view. A better place to escape is your sanctuary bedroom that has all the peace and quiet you need.

Find the right home today when you choose to live in a one bedroom apartment the Lincoln Water’s Edge luxury apartment homes in Las Colinas Texas.


Jan 18

The Melting Pot in Las Colinas

Finally, discover the perfect combination of luxury and comfort when you choose the lifestyle you deserve. At the Lincoln Water’s Edge luxury apartment homes in Las Colinas Texas, you will find all this and so much more. Enjoy countless apartment and community amenities designed for your comfort but also perfect for sharing with friends. Feast your eyes on layouts and floor plans perfect for the life you have always wanted to live. Your new neighborhood extends the luxury you enjoy with endless entertainments all waiting for you.

A delicious discovery

Part of your luxury palate should be satisfied with the amazing neighborhood flavors available just steps from your door. This includes the famous The Melting Pot, a world-renowned fondue restaurant. In their own words “The Melting Pot is the original fondue restaurant where guests can enjoy several fondue cooking styles and a variety of unique entrees, salads, and unforgettable desserts. But we’re more than just a restaurant; we’re a unique destination offering a dining experience unlike any other. Our fondue restaurant is perfect for the everyday occasion, from a night out with friends or a romantic dinner with your special someone to a promotion celebration with colleagues. Enjoy a wide range of seasonal and fixed menu items, and you choose the way you want it all. Of course, what’s delicious food without a selection of wines and craft beers to really make it great? No matter what the occasion or how many courses you choose to partake in, The Melting Pot provides an unforgettable, interactive dining experience that turns moments into memories. From the time the first piece of bread is dipped to when the last nibble of dessert is savored, you’ll have the time to discover new things about people you thought you knew, and those you’re getting to know.”

Discover the lifestyle you have always wanted today at the Lincoln Water’s Edge luxury apartment homes in Las Colinas Texas.


Dec 17

A Las Colinas Apartment Community Fun for Everyone

Nothing’s better than enjoying some leisure, making the most of the weekends, bring in your closest friends for a hangout session, or even using some built-up vacation time to reward your patience and hard work at the office. Here at our luxury Las Colinas apartment community at Lincoln Water’s Edge, we want to ensure that not only do you feel at home, but your loved ones as well, so we have a plethora of awesome amenities for every occasion.

For starters, our two resort-style swimming pools in our community let you enjoy fantastic summer parties; simply take a dip and swim around the expansive pool, lounge under the hot sun and work on that healthy tan, or keep to the shade and chat. Our fully-equipped grilling stations allow you to enjoy a delicious barbeque or roasted marshmallows by the open flame. If the weather is less than savory than you’d like, take your party indoors in our two exclusive clubrooms, both of which open all day long. Ease into the cozy lounge chairs, watch the news or your favorite shows on the HDTVs, or shoot some pool on the billiards tables. Start your mornings with a hot drink at the gourmet coffee bar, and connect wirelessly with family all over the world thanks to our complimentary Wi-Fi access and our easy connections to AT&T U-verse and Time Warner Cable. Finally, don’t limit your fun just to your human friends; bring in your cuddly puppy or your pretty kitty in our pet-friendly community and play in our two gigantic dog parks.

Revel in your freedom and laugh with friends at Lincoln Water’s Edge. Explore our luxury Las Colinas apartment community today.


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